It's *my* turn to solo now!

Of course, when someone suggested, a few years ago, the idea of an online jam, the answer should have been "no". But common sense is not a regular visitor to UKMG, so we all said "shit, yeah, why not?" A backing track was created, and everyone set about recording their 30 seconds of solo frenzy. John Rimmer, patient to the last, edited the whole thing together, and if you're lucky, we might let you listen to it.

Of course, we just had to do it again, and WF2 was even bigger. Then came WF3, which was absolutely huge, and still hasn't seen the light of day. It probably will surface eventually, but its doubtful whether we'd be crazy enough to try and organise another Widdlefest, especially as the NG has become so popular.

Still, it was a fun part of our history...